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Specializing in Carbide Saw Blade Sharpening for Over 40 Years.

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Sharp Blades in 4 Simple Steps

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Ship us your blades

Pack the sunscreen for em!

We Sharpen Your Blades

Using our automated CNC machinery, and we show your blades around town a bit.

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Within a couple days of receiving your blades, they are on their way back home!

FREE Shipping w/ 5 Blades

Sharpening Saw Blades for Over 40 Years

Family Hardware has specialized in the sharpening of carbide tipped saw blades for over 40 years. Every day hundreds of customers around the country rely on us to keep their shops running at peak efficiency.

Using methods handed down 3 generations, we use a mix of old skill knowledge, with cutting edge machinery to get the job done right. We are constantly investing in new technology and upgrading our existing equipment to deliver the superior quality that will keep your blades running longer and cutting better.

Our Process

Your blades are received in and immediately we begin the process of bringing them back to life. It all starts with a caustic soda bath which loosens and removes debris without damaging the blade.

From there it’s off to the polisher where we remove any dirt, rust or other material from the face of the blade. Your blade is then hand inspected for missing/chipped teeth, bent plate, missing posts etc.

Once ready, your blade goes onto one of our 5 automated CNC grinders. Once done, all of our blades are checked for the following before getting their protective coating and being sent back to you.

  1. Tooth Runout – .004″ tolerance
  2. Plate Runout – .005″ tolerance
  3. Plate Concentricity – .003″ tolerance
  4. Visual Inspection – under Microscope for micro chipping.

We Guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our quality, or we will refund you every last penny.

Our Price List

Carbide Saw Blade and Tool Sharpening Prices

Diameter Price
10″ $15
12″ $18
14″ $20
16″ $25
18″ $30

Saw Blade Repair

Replace Tips (each) $5
Replace Broken Post (each) $20

The 12 inch DeWalt miter saw blade cuts better than new that Family Hardware sharpened, GREAT JOB FOLKS.

Jim - KY


How does free shipping work?

Very simple! If you send in 5 blades or more, we will give you free shipping both ways! Request a prepaid UPS Shipping label and ship in your blades to us, and we will send them back for free.

I don't want to request a label, what do I do?

Not a problem, if you wish to send in your blades on your own. Simply download our form and send them in! If you send 5 blades or more we will credit you back for the shipping to send them into us.

What is the best way to send my blades in?

Want to ship blades yourself? The best way to send us your blades we have found is using Priority Flat Rate boxes. 12″ Blades will easily fit into a Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box-2. If you need slightly bigger, go with the Large Flat Rate box. The boxes are free at any post office, and you they cost $12.40 and $17.05 respectively and you can ship up to 70lbs! Do not forget to back cardboard between your blades to avoid damaging any teeth in shipment. And remember, if you send in 5 or more blades, we will credit you $15.00 for sending the blades in and ship them back for free!

Don’t forget to download our Order Form before sending in blades.

Can I request a prepaid label when I ship less than 5 blades?

Yes! You absolutely can. We will send you our prepaid label. We charge a flat rate of $15 each way. So the round trip cost would be $30.

What equipment do you use to sharpen our blades?

Here are a couple of the machines that go into keeping your blades as sharp as can be.

Can I combine my shipment with someone else?

Absolutely! If you only have a couple blades to send, and have a friend in the same boat, by all means send them in same box. As long as you get 5 blades, you will qualify for the free shipping. If you wish to be charged separately, please remember to send in two separate order forms.